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Some personal thoughts from Elizabeth Meckes about the evolution of her own feelings towards "women in mathematics"-oriented activities over the course of her career. That career was cut tragically short when Elizabeth passed away before Christmas 2020. Among many other things, Elizabeth was a supporter of early career researchers and the Women in Probability community. She is greatly missed.

Some blogs

Izabella Laba's The Accidental Mathematician
Tenure, She Wrote
FemaleScienceProfessor (now dormant)
How does she do it
Cathy O'Neil's mathbabe
AMS's inclusion/exclusion


Ask and Ye Shall Receive by physicians Dunbar, Abkowitz, Berliner, and Shurin (30 May 2014)
The Confidence Gap by Katty Katy and Claire Shipman (14 April 2014)
Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science? by Eileen Pollack (3 Oct 2013)
Cult of Genius by astronomer Julianne Dalcanton (25 Feb 2007)

Professional Advice

How to Deal with a Mathematics Journal Editor by Scott T. Chapman; a Notices article on from an outgoing editor of The American Mathematical Monthly

Building a research career by Francine Berman; this essay is directed at researchers in computer science and computer engineering, but has many points relevant to anyone interested in an academic research career

I found the above article at the MIT Women in Math page, which had several other useful articles

Advice to a Young Mathematician by Atiyah, Bollabás, Connes, McDuff, and Sarnak
The (Martial) Art of Giving Talks by Matilde Marcolli

Terry Tao on Writing Papers and other Career Advice, latter also includes a nice compilation of links to other resources

How to Write Your First Paper by Stephen Krantz

Carl Mueller's page on Advice for Probability Graduate Students, again with a great compilation of lists and links

Michael Steele's page on Advice for Graduate Students in Statistics and some other interesting links

Writing Mathematics Effectively by Eric Rowland

Tough Love: Professional Lessons for Graduate Students by Kevin D. Haggerty; this essay is directed at PhD students in the humanities and social sciences, but has many points relevant for any PhD student interested in an academic research career

Sister Networks

Through an NSF Advance grant, AWM supports a number of research networks for women by fostering research collaborations at conferences and AWM Workshops. Aleatorias y Normales (Random and Normal) is a group of female Latin American researchers (interpreted in the broadest sense) working in the areas of probability and statistics.


Women and Mathematics program at IAS
US Association for Women in Mathematics
European Women in Mathematics
US Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences
IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics