Women in Probability

Conference on New Developments in Probability

New Developments in Probability is a conference series hosted by Women in Probability. The next CNDP will be held online May 12-14, 2021.

The conference will feature talks by

The conference will also feature a pedagogical talk by

on teaching applied probability at the graduate level.

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*All times are Eastern Time Zone (New York, NY USA).

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10:55a Welcome
11-11:45a Corwin,   Maximizing free energy of the log-gamma polymer
conference photo (immediately following the talk)
12-12:45p Holden,   Integrability of Schramm-Loewner evolutions via conformal welding of random surfaces (video)
Brown bag meal
2-2:45p Olvera-Cravioto,   Stochastic recursions on random graphs (video)
3-3:45p Broderick,   Exact and local exchangeability: probabilistic (near) invariances and conditional latent structures (video)
11-11:45a Nestoridi,   Bounded window cutoff for random walks on Ramanujan graphs (video)
12-12:45p Sosoe,   Optimal integrability threshold for the Gibbs measure associated to the focusing NLS on the torus (video)
Brown bag meal
2-2:45p Anderson,   Stochastically modeled reaction networks (video)
3-3:45p Pemantle,   Teaching applied probability at the graduate level (video)
11-11:45a Sanz-Alonso,     Graph-based Bayesian semi-supervised learning: prior design and posterior contraction (video)
12-12:45p Wang,     Stochastic windings of block determinants of a unitary Brownian motion (video)
Brown bag meal
2-2:45p Peligrad,     Local limit theorems for classes of dependent random variables (video)
3-3:45p Montanari,     Optimization in mean field spin glasses (video)

Conference organizers

Nathan Glatt-Holtz, Tulane University
Kay Kirkpatrick, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Scott McKinley, Tulane University
Tai Melcher, University of Virginia
Kavita Ramanan, Brown University
Eric Vanden-Eijnden, Courant Institute

We are happy to acknowledge support for this conference, as with all Women in Probability activities, to the National Science Foundation.